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Signs Your Work Uniforms are Bad

Signs Your Work Uniforms are Bad

Your employees are complaining about your current work uniforms, but are they actually an issue? Look for these signs.

When a workplace provides its staff with the right work uniforms, it can have a beneficial influence over the work environment. It’s not enough to wear just any uniform, though; Your employees need high-quality, well-designed uniforms to look and perform their best! Now and again, you may come across some complaints and objections to some aspects of the work uniforms or the employee dress code policy. Some of these issues can be quickly resolved. However, some repeated complaints or signs might be an indication that your current work uniforms are not up to par. 


Employees that continuously bring up the discomfort of wearing their uniforms should be taken seriously. When staff members feel physical discomfort during work or have their range of motion limited by their clothes, it negatively impacts their performance, attitude, and, potentially, their safety. Feelings of discomfort can be further exaggerated if the work environment may call for them to layer their clothing.

Employees Not Wearing Uniforms

Employee refusal to not wear uniforms with reasonable justification is not a sign of insubordination in most cases. This problem will require you to listen to their reasoning and make any necessary adjustments to your uniform policy or requirements.

Management Wouldn’t Wear Them

Your working team looks up to the management staff for leadership. If the managers would not elect to wear the uniforms, or they also voice their concerns related to the work attire, it can be a sign of a more significant problem with your current uniforms.

Does Not Represent Your Brand

Does your current uniform style not suit the industry or the positions of your workers? Or do your customers have a hard time identifying who works at your business, and they don’t always receive proper assistance? Your work uniforms may be misrepresenting your company brand or don’t align with your brand’s identity. Outdated uniforms with different corporate colors or old logo designs should be replaced to maintain your business’s professional appearance.

Expensive to Maintain or Replace

This last sign has less to do with the work uniforms themselves, but more likely to do with your current uniform service or rental plan. Uniform services should be employed to better your business and reduce costs. Is your current service late to fulfill orders and overcharge? Is the quality of your uniforms poor and in need of costly replacement too often? For some, uniform services are a necessary investment to maintain their business. However, if you feel as though you’re dissatisfied with your current provider, it may be time to partner with a different, more reputable uniform service. 

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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