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Restroom & Hygiene


[oh-ey-sis] –noun, plural
something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from
what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc.

restroomsOften times business restrooms are not a pleasant experience. Lack of product, bad odors, and broken dispensers do not provide refuge or relief. In fact, they become annoying and make things difficult. Enter in OASIS by ACE. You know Ace Uniform as the leading independent uniform provider in the mid-Atlantic. With OASIS ACE is now the premier independent restroom, hygiene, and facilities services provider in the region. From skin care and paper products to floor mats and odor control, Ace Uniform will turn your restrooms into that “pleasant change from what is usual.”

Kwik Kleen Bathroom Service

Maintain the cleanliness of your employees and bathroom environment with hand soap and air fresheners. A weekly service assures you will never run short on soap, fresh-air scents and the added benefit of delivery service.