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COVID-19 Update


To Our Valued Customers:

As the current health and economic crisis continues to wreak havoc on both our personal and business lives, we wanted to provide a few updates at this time.

Our entire team at ACE UNIFORM remains committed to the health, well-being, and protection of our employees as well as those we serve – our #1 priority.  To that end, we continue to monitor, follow and practice at least the minimum guidelines set forth by the CDC and the States of Maryland, Virginia (including DC) and Pennsylvania in all aspects of our business. 

However, as different areas of the country take action to “re-open” their economies, our perspective at ACE UNIFORM to this pandemic remains steadfast – we will always take the more conservative, cautionary approach, and continue to take extra precautions where possible.  For example, everyone that comes into our facilities, both our employees and any visitors are required to wear a face covering when on our “campus.”  Our employees out in the field must do so as well, when visiting your locations, whether you require one or not.  We treat this precaution as an ongoing method to “do the right thing”– and that is, being considerate and respectful of others by taking any action we can to protect the health of those around us.  Of course, our updated regimen (extra cleanings of our delivery vehicles, all common facility “touch-surfaces” and plant equipment, use of gloves and other PPE) will continue and has become a part of our regular daily protocol.


In that light, we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest team member — SAFETY SAMto our group of industry professionals SAFETY SAM will become your source for quick, reliable, easy access (and prompt free delivery) to the safety products you need in today’s environment.  Be on the lookout soon for SAFETY SAM program offerings – gloves, face coverings (both disposable, surgical masks and reusable,washable cloth ones), sanitizer, among other various safety products and PPE. SAFETY SAM can be reached via email ( or phone (800) 366-1616 anytime for quick turnaround and shipment of any stock products by our route repo to your door on your next scheduled delivery.

And finally, we’d like to again thank each of you for your loyalty and patience with us as we navigate through this incredibly stressed business environment. We feel fortunate to have remained part of your plans and will continue to work diligently to remain a trusted business partner going forward.