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Wearing Layers with Your Work Uniform

Wearing Layers with Your Work Uniform

Here are some quick tips on layering clothes over or under your work uniform!

Showing up to work in your uniform doesn’t mean that one piece of required clothing. Whether they’re in auto repair, healthcare, construction, or retail, workers are bound to wear something underneath or over their work uniform. The weather is getting colder, and the employees’ workplaces can have varying temperatures. Layering clothing with work uniforms can be tricky if workers need to adhere to specific dress code requirements. Here are some general tips for wearing layers with your work uniform to keep workers safe, comfortable, and professional looking while on the job.

Comfort and Movement

Many of these tips and considerations will vary in application depending on the field of work. However, workers deserve to be comfortable in their clothing while working. Indoor people like retail workers, hospital workers, and office workers generally have a better sense of what temperature to expect throughout their day based on the building’s air conditioning or heating. Indoor workers that move around a lot may get warmer more quickly, like chefs or mechanics in their coveralls. They may prefer lighter and fewer layers under their required work uniform to stay comfortable. On the other hand, construction workers that predominantly work outdoors and must have a lot of movement, layering up can be crucial but shouldn’t inhibit their ability to work safely. Generally, if they can move around safely, construction workers can wear beanies and jackets to stay warm under their PPE like hardhats and visibility vests.

Temperature Control

Dressing in multiple light layers is best for controlling the temperature throughout the workday. Often, polo style work shirts aren’t bulky and warm anyways. Wearing a thin, long sleeve or short sleeve shirt under the uniform shirt is a great way to stay warm. Layer long johns, leggings, and thermal tights under pants to keep legs warm too. Dress code permitting, you can bring a light jacket to work. As you go about your day and need more or fewer layers, you can put on a zipper hoodie or cardigan that still displays part of your uniform, or remove layers in the restroom.

Professional Appearance

Uniforms help reinforce to the customers your business’s professional and polished image. For more coverage articles of clothing, like lab coats, the main thing others will see is that outermost piece of clothing and the branded logo of your company. If there is a need for it, order some outerwear with your business name on it and make it an acceptable part of the employee uniform. Additionally, look professional and put together by coordinating the colors of your layers with the uniform colors or company colors. Brightly colored or bold patterned visible layers may not be appropriate in some work settings.

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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