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Uniform Safety: PPE by Industry

Uniform Safety: PPE by Industry

Personal protective equipment is different for each industry, but all PPE works to keep workers safe.

PPE, or personal protective equipment, can be vital elements to your employees’ uniforms. Specific rules and regulations set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require employers to provide their employees with the proper protective gear. Workers with insufficient PPE may not be able to carry out their duties as well without it, and more importantly, they are at risk for serious workplace injuries. To understand the important role that PPE plays in a worker’s wellbeing, let’s explore some of the protective gear and equipment by different industries.

PPE for Construction

Construction sites have so many hazards. Workers need to wear a variety of different personal protective equipment to prevent injuries. You will commonly see construction workers wearing hard hats and safety glasses. Work boots prevent their toes from being crushed by heavy or falling objects. These shoes also have slip-resistant or reinforced soles. Earplugs or earmuffs help protect against noise-damage when construction workers are around loud tools and machines daily, like chainsaws or jackhammers.

PPE for Healthcare

PPE for healthcare workers protects the wearer from microscopic but deadly hazards. Lab coats protect healthcare workers’ skin and clothes from potential contact with dangerous bodily fluids. Sterile gloves, masks, respirators, and goggles are some of the other protective wear workers regularly use in a healthcare setting. Proper wear, disposal, and sanitation of these items prevent workers from contracting infectious diseases, as well as preventing the spread to vulnerable patients.

PPE for Hospitality

Foodservice workers face a decent share of hazards in the workplace too. Chef uniforms are designed to protect the wearer from cuts, burns, and spills. Dishwashing gloves, cut-safe gloves, freezer gloves, and oven mitts protect hands as food service workers touch various items and complete different tasks. Cleaning and housekeeping staff should have gloves as they work with abrasive cleaning agents. Anti-slip shoes can prevent accidental falls.

PPE for Automotive Repair

Mechanic uniforms protect workers’ clothes from grease stains. Other gear should be used in the auto shop as part of a mechanic’s uniform. Protective eyewear is necessary due to flying sparks or metal particles. Rubber-lined gloves are essential to prevent electric shocks when working with vehicle circuitry. Vehicles can emit harmful dust, smoke, or fumes. Automotive repair workers can protect themselves by wearing respirators or masks as they work.


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