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Lab Coats in a Healthcare Setting

Lab Coats in a Healthcare Setting

Get a better understanding of why lab coats are so critical in a healthcare setting.

Why are lab coats necessary in a healthcare setting? There are both practical and relational reasons why clinical and medical workers would choose to — or even be required to — wear lab coats during their work. This sentiment may be especially true if these healthcare professionals are in a patient-facing position. The following are the three top reasons for getting lab coats for your healthcare practice, from a family physician’s office to a general hospital setting.


In a healthcare setting, lab coats are considered PPE or personal protective equipment. Healthcare providers have a high risk of coming into contact with infectious, deadly, or just plain unsanitary bodily fluids when treating patients. Wearing a lab coat protects their skin and personal clothing from touching these fluids or germs. Because this garment is worn over other clothing, from business-wear to scrubs, the lab coat must be well-fitted and comfortable. Lab coats can be cleaned and sanitized correctly in a separate process before being worn again.


Pristine and clean white coats give the healthcare practice an overall professional look. Uniforms, in general, create this effect, so lab coats in a medical setting are an expected element of the hospital experience. Lab coats are often worn by doctors, and also worn by nurses and medical students in some hospitals. Wearing the coats identifies the healthcare providers on the medical staff to all quickly. Embroidering the hospital or medical practice logo gives the white coat a more personal and branded touch. This way, others can associate the specific practice with an image of healthcare professionalism.

Putting Your Patients at Ease

Similar to the professional impression white coats give, the lab coat also a sign of competency to many patients and regular people. It will put the patients at ease if they are greeted by and interact with a physician in a hospital lab coat during their hospital stay. When patients get sick, a small touch like seeing someone in a symbol of healthcare expertise can offer immense mental or emotional comfort to the patient and their loved ones. The image a hospital worker presents to a patient should be a trustworthy and confident caregiver.

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