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How To Update Your Company Uniform Policy

How To Update Your Company Uniform Policy

The company uniform policy is essential in the workplace, but it does not need to be overly challenging to update and implement.

Has it been a while since you last revised your company uniform policy? An outdated uniform policy can cause problems between your management team and staff members, as well as not accurately reflect the best of your business. The company uniform policy is essential in the workplace, but it does not need to be overly challenging to update and implement. By following these tips, you can bring your company uniform policy up to standards.

Include a “Why” Section

If you don’t have one included already, be sure to add a “why” section to your policy update. You can consider this as an introduction to your company uniform policy and why it’s needed in the first place. It outlines the expectation that all employees and future employees are to adhere to the dress code rules. This would be an excellent section to give reasons as to how the uniform policy is for the benefit of your employees.

Consider Employee Suggestions and Feedback

In some cases, your employees’ recent dissatisfaction and complaints may have caused you to review your uniform policy in the first place. Employee objections to uniforms are common if they feel very strongly about some aspects of the rules. Some reasonable compromises on the company’s part can give workers more flexibility and create a fair workplace. Therefore, be sure to consider your employees’ input for ways to revise the policy in a way that everyone is happy.

Fill Any Gaps

Think about how your business operations may have changed or expanded, and any dress-related issues that may have come up in the past. Now is the time to account for these gaps by addressing them in your company uniform policy revisions. If your workers belong to different departments, consider whether their dress code should reflect their different positions and responsibilities. Have there been past issues with unnatural hair color, wearing pins or hats, open-toed shoes, jewelry or tattoos? You can make your workplace expectations clear regarding these areas too.

Compliant With Regulations

Employers need to be careful of following safety regulations and not violating any legal rules on discriminating against employees through dress. Make sure your workers know they should be wearing any appropriate PPE if the workplace calls for it, and that you do your part as the employer to provide the necessary gear. All dress codes need to be respectful of employees and not discriminate based on disability, religion, gender, race, and sexual orientation.

State What The Employer Will Provide

The company uniform policy outlines your expectations from the employees, and it should also tell them what the employer’s obligations are. The uniform policy should mention how the employees are to acquire their uniform garments, either through their own purchase or if the company will buy or rent uniforms for them. Any specifics on laundering services and schedules should be made clear as well.

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