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Why You May Buy Uniforms Instead of Renting

Why You May Buy Uniforms Instead of Renting

Deciding whether to buy uniforms instead of renting them is an important business decision as any.

Enrolling in a uniform rental service has its upsides and perks. However, not all business owners may make full use out of a rental service and would be better off just to buy uniforms from the get-go. For your business, carefully consider your costs, goals, employees, and operations before deciding which method of acquiring employee uniforms is best. To make things more clear, here are a few reasons why you may prefer to buy uniforms instead of renting them for your business.

Lower Costs

When businesses buy uniforms upfront, the cost may be higher than the starting cost of acquiring uniforms through a rental service. However, in the long term, when employees take care of their uniforms and don’t need frequent replacements, purchasing uniforms amounts to fewer dollars spent than using a rental program. Uniforms can stay looking great for several years with regular care. Your one-time purchase will pay for itself many times over than agreeing to pay a monthly fee throughout the duration of any uniform rental service.

No Contracts and Unexpected Charges

Uniform rental services typically provide laundry services, as well as terms to replace and repair uniforms. While these are some beneficial aspects of service, not all businesses will feel the need to use them and therefore pay the extra price that covers these services. If you were to review a uniform rental contract, you might find stipulations for additional fees for their services that you are locked into if you sign the agreement.

More Customized Uniforms

There’s definitely more freedom to do as you please when you own and buy uniforms. Renting and leasing uniforms means they need to go back to the uniform company after your business is done with them. These garments will then be rented out to other companies. By owning your uniforms, you can feel free to add customizations and branding elements like embroidered logos and names to your garments. After all, no one but your employees will be the ones wearing them once they’re yours to keep.

Employee Turnover Isn’t An Issue

Uniform rentals suit businesses that can have ever-changing staff sizes, since adjustments to their account can be made to accommodate more or fewer articles of clothing. For businesses that don’t want to deal with constantly changing rental terms because of frequent employee turnover, or you feel as though your workplace does not have an issue with retaining staff, it can save you a lot of trouble to purchase your employee uniforms.

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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