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Who Benefits From Hi-Vis Workwear?

Who Benefits From Hi-Vis Workwear?

Hi-vis workwear keeps several types of workers safer on the job. Do any of these surprise you?

We’ve known for a while now that hi-vis workwear and apparel can be critical PPE. While plenty of industries or types of jobs do require hi-vis workwear, even more businesses are opting to give their employees high-visibility or enhanced visibility apparel. Workers who feel safer on the job tend to perform better as they aren’t excessively worried about staying out of harm’s way. Let’s take a moment to consider various types of workers who benefit from using hi-vis workwear, some obvious, and some may be less so.

Construction and Engineering

Hi-vis workwear and hard hats are almost synonymous with construction site workers. Construction sites have tons of heavy machinery and unfinished structures all about, which is far from a safe work environment. Wearing reflective clothing makes it easier for everyone to be aware of who’s around them doing what. Depending on the season, hi-vis vests or jackets can be layered on top of their other work clothes to stay comfortable on the job.

Security Guards

In some cases, security guards should have on hi-vis clothing instead of trying to maintain a discreet appearance. Many security jobs take place overnight, so hi-vis clothing keeps them safe and visible during the evening hours. Another reason is so others can find and flag down a security guard for assistance should anything happen during their shift.

Warehouse Workers

Warehouses are massive places where trucks can come and go, and workers need to operate heavy machines like forklifts. With all the action that goes on in this type of work environment, wearing reflective clothing is a good preventative safety measure.

First Responders

First responders like the police, firefighters, EMTs, and more hold important jobs in our society. The nature of their jobs requires them to get to the scene of incidents quickly in order to mitigate disasters and administer critical care. The more identifiable and visible they are, the more other people can make way for first responders to get to where they need to and perform their duties.

Roadway Maintenance Crew

Roadways are dangerous because you never know when a driver may accidentally make a mistake and take their attention off the road. Roadway maintenance workers who repair roads, clear debris, or perform other important infrastructure work can take the precautions by wearing high-visibility clothing that’s hard for any driver not to notice.

Valet Workers

Valet workers would be better off wearing hi-vis workwear. The nature of their job requires them to constantly move about parking structures where other drivers are coming and going. Plus, their job lasts long into the dark hours of the night at times. 

Store Cart Pushers

Store cart pushers work at grocery and retail stores everywhere. They are also constantly moving about busy parking lots, with their attention divided between retrieving carts and watching out for shoppers’ cars. With high-visibility clothing, it helps drivers be more mindful of the employees moving about a cramped and busy area.

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