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Common Workplace Uniform Complaints and How to Manage Them


Common uniform complaints should be taken seriously and handled appropriately to ensure good employee morale across the workplace.

Uniforms perform a critical function in the workplace, at once lending your staff an air of professionalism and organization while showcasing the particular aesthetic you wish to be associated with your company.

The old adage holds true as ever, though: you can’t please everybody. Uniform complaints are almost certain to arise from somebody at some point—especially in the aftermath of a change. This can become a tense situation, engendering discomfort and resentment across the board.

Fortunately, there are reliable methods to avoid (or overcome) such a snag. Read along to learn about three common uniform gripes that are anything but trivial and how best to deal with any should they arise.

“I don’t like how it looks.”

This is likely one of the most common uniform complaints. Tastes are subjective, of course, but being forced to wear attire at work that feels (to an individual) personally inauthentic and/or misrepresentative of their “style” can be distressing. Such a worker may feel distracted or uneasy interacting with clients, preoccupied with worries that they’re being negatively judged. The importance of prioritizing the mental well-being of any staff member can’t be understated; nonetheless, it bears consideration that embarrassed, or anxious workers will likely struggle to perform, so this complaint shouldn’t be brushed off as trivial/superficial.

Solution: Ensure that employees have a forum to be heard and that they actually feel listened to. Reiterate the rationale for any uniform choices. Policy-wise, it’s proven helpful to allow for some flexibility in the dress code. Allow individuals the opportunity to express themselves as individuals—within reasonable parameters per the dictates of professionalism. 

“I don’t like how it feels.”

If a uniform is physically uncomfortable, an employee will naturally struggle with focusing on much else. 

Solution: It’s imperative to order uniforms in the entire range of available sizes, as almost every workplace is comprised of widely varying body types. Oversight can result in employees’ physical and potentially psychological discomfort, feeling “forced” to wear ill-fitting clothing. Polyester and other synthetic blends are the ideal material (when contextually appropriate), as they adhere comfortably to the body but are flexible and have natural “give.”

“It goes against my beliefs/cultural background.”

This is a sensitive topic and should be treated accordingly. Such a uniform complaint may indicate an employee struggling not only with the perceived choice between either maintaining personal convictions or maintaining employment, but also feeling that, in drawing up such a policy, the company completely disregarded (and therefore doesn’t value) them.

Solution: For starters, make certain that any mandatory workwear policy is in compliance with The Equality Act of 2010. From there, the best path to a satisfactory resolution for all parties will involve concerted and durative (though never patronizing) respect for and celebration of diversity in the workplace and the type of flexibility previously mentioned.

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