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How to Choose a Security Guard Uniform

Ace Uniform Security Guard

A security guard needs to be visible and have freedom of movement while also remaining comfortable no matter where they’re working.

Deciding on an appropriate security guard uniform can be more difficult than it sounds. Security guards are the first point of contact in some cases, and the role they play within your business makes a difference in what kind of attire is best. Consider the factors that will affect your security guard, their comfort, and their ability to do their job.


Security guard uniforms should always be flame-resistant. This is for their safety—security guards need to be able to respond to any kind of emergency, and this includes fire emergencies. In the instance of a fire, security guards need to be quick to respond. They will put out the fire if they are able, or they will help to evacuate occupants of the building and inform the local fire department to ensure that help arrives as soon as possible. It’s difficult to expect security guards to stay behind during a fire if their uniform is not flame-resistant.

Weather Appropriate

Your security guard uniform should be appropriate for the weather they are expected to work in. Indoor security guards will be able to wear more standard uniforms and a security blazer, while those working outdoors will need to have their uniforms tailored to hot or cold temperatures. In the summer, choosing a light and breathable fabric is critical for keeping your security guard comfortable. In the winter, heavy pants and a warm coat are necessary.

High Visibility

A critical component of every security guard uniform is high visibility. One of the ways to achieve this is to have the uniform made in a bright color. Another way is important for every security uniform—make sure the lettering is reflective. Reflective lettering is critical because it keeps your security guard highly visible, even in semi-darkness, so anyone who needs them can still find them. A security guard should always be easy to find quickly whenever they are needed whether it’s an emergency or simply a patron that needs help.

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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