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How Uniform Color Determines Employee and Customer Perception

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The color of your uniform goes beyond representing company colors—they determine how customers feel when they interact with your employees.

Consider fast food uniforms and how they affect how people think. You might not have thought about this often (or at all), but uniform color impacts employees and uniforms. McDonald’s uniforms are yellow and red and draw attention because both are bright colors. Also, the color yellow is synonymous with cheerfulness and positivity. There are also other ways that these colors alert people, such as at stop signs and traffic lights. 

Color affects mood. Choosing a strategic color for your employee uniforms can ensure that your uniforms convey a message about your brand. Here is more detail about how uniform color determines employee and customer perception. 

What Different Colors Represent

Colors have widely-accepted attributes, which include: 

  • White represents purity and cleanliness.
  • Black symbolizes power, authority, sophistication, and knowledge.
  • Green is calming
  • Purple is royal and implies specialized or premium services.
  • Orange is warm, vibrant, and perfect for a playful or casual setting.
  • Silver is prestigious and excellent for companies rooted in IT or technology-based services.
  • Red is stimulating and represents confidence, and you can use this color to distinguish between employees in large buildings.
  • Blue, the most popular color used in all businesses, is calming like the color green, but it also means trustworthiness and belonging. 
  • Gold, like purple, is a royal or elite color that fosters a sense of prestige. 
  • Brown connotes reliability

Choosing the right combination of colors and a unique logo can help your brand your business the best way. 

A Note About Your Industry and Cohesive Marketing Efforts

The best tip for choosing your uniform color is considering your industry and brand. For example, chefs and servers at a Michelin-star restaurant should wear traditional white and black uniforms to play it safe, appear sophisticated, and not distract patrons from your beautiful and atmospheric restaurant. 

Regarding your brand, if your logo is a particular color and appears on your website, storefront window, business cards, and social media, you might want to make your uniforms that color for cohesive marketing strategies. If not, your brand might not come across as seamless and unified. 

How Uniform Color Determines Employee Perception

Another idea is to ask your employees what uniform color speaks to them. After all, you don’t want your team to dread wearing boring uniforms daily. The color of an office affects productivity, and so does uniform color. 

There is a tricky balance between offering your employees unique uniforms and ensuring they maintain professionalism. However, including your team in the process fosters a sense of belongingness and pride. It’s also an excellent way to help employers distinguish between different departments if your company has quite a few. 

Contact Ace Uniform today whenever you’re ready to opt into a uniform rental, lease, or purchase program. 

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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