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Add Personal Flair to Your Work Uniform

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A little personal flair on a work uniform can improve employee morale.

One of the major benefits of a uniform is that they make it immediately apparent exactly who is an employee and who is not. While many places already have a uniform standard, there are also many industries that may benefit from a uniform that don’t require one. Having a uniform can improve cooperation and morale in your business while also improving worker safety and efficiency. The major drawback for most people is that they worry that the uniform won’t be stylish or personal enough. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. There are many ways to add personal flair to a work uniform. Read on to learn some of them. 

Allow For Accessories

Accessories are the number 1 way that people individualize their goods and clothes, so it makes sense to allow for accessories on your uniform. Perhaps the uniform requires a hat (especially for outside workers), you can allow people to add pins or badges to it. Alternatively, if your uniform is a standard polo and khaki combo, allow flair and decoration on name badge lanyards.

Name People

Adding names to uniforms is another quick way to personalize them. If you have the budget to make sure that each employee has their name embroidered on their uniform it can increase their sense of community and ownership in the look. It isn’t the exact same shirt that everyone else is wearing, it’s their shirt!

Leave Room for Their Personality

There is still a tendency towards very strict appearance guidelines whenever a uniform goes into effect, and honestly, it is really not necessary. Let your uniform code include freedom for wearing eccentric pieces like earrings or belts, as long as they aren’t a safety hazard. Do you restrict hair color for your employees? Why?  These days, everyone knows that the color of someone’s hair or the body modifications that they like (like piercings or tattoos) don’t actually reflect their intelligence, commitment, or reliability. Let your employees have the bodies they want, as long as it isn’t dangerous or offensive. Allowing them to let their personality show through can go a long way towards helping them buy in on the uniform plan, and it can also help attract new talent who might not otherwise consider your business because of its uniform policy.

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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