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Allowing Your Employees Input on Their Uniforms

Allowing Your Employees Input on Their Uniforms

Designing the best possible uniforms for your employees will take time and effort.

Designing the best possible uniforms for your employees will take time and effort. Plus, without letting your workers a say, you may find that they will chafe under your newly-implemented uniform policy. One way to make sure that everyone knows what’s going on and is willing to comply, let them have some input on what the uniform will look like once they’re ready.

How Breathable They Are

Temperatures inside and out will affect how well your employees will be able to work. Ensure that the garments are breathable. Besides dealing with heat and cold, you need to make sure that there is enough personal protective equipment in place to protect your employees against fire or electrical hazards. All the same, you don’t want to make your workers wear too many layers all at the same time.

Different Layers

Depending on the climate and the different environments you expect your employees to enter or work near (a cold storage freezer and a row of stoves or hot pizza ovens in a restaurant kitchen, for instance) you’ll need to issue your employees with jackets or coveralls. Let them choose which item will be an element of the new uniform.

The Styles

The styles of clothing will also matter. Fast food or fast casual restaurant would have different uniform designs than that of a chain restaurant or an eatery in a five-star hotel. Lab coats, chef jackets, gloves, boots, and vests may also be necessary depending on what they need to do daily.

The Fasteners

Zippers and buttons alike can be a source of frustration, especially if your workers struggle with manual dexterity. Will the buttons be snaps or regular buttons? Should they be made of metal or plastic? Should there be velcro fasteners instead? Allow your workers to answer these questions based on what would make their lives easier. Don’t overlook the merits of pockets, either.


Finally, one last choice is the color of the uniforms. Colors always matter, even if you don’t think they do. The colors and the aesthetics of the overall uniforms can help influence what your customers think of your business and help build brand awareness that can help your company grow.


Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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