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The Importance of High-Vis Vests and Uniforms

The Importance of High-Vis Vests and Uniforms

The process of choosing uniforms goes beyond picking the individual shirts, pants, hats, and other accessories that comprise the uniform.

The process of choosing uniforms goes beyond picking the individual shirts, pants, hats, and other accessories that comprise the uniform. Sometimes, the people who wear the uniforms will depend on how visible they are. Whether they are a nighttime construction crew, a crossing guard near a school zone, or working around a busy airport, all of these occupations carry some manner of risk. That’s why high-vis vests are so important.

Some Advantages

  1. Employees are easier to see: Since the employees wearing high-vis vests are easier to spot, this makes everyone’s lives easier as well. This situation is especially beneficial when the color of the employees’ clothing could make them hard to see.
  2. Drivers can see the workers: Highway workers repaving the concrete late at night need bright lights to help them see what they’re doing, but the drivers zooming by might still be able to see the workers as they dig or operate machinery. Since the vests will reflect the lights from passing vehicles, drivers can see them more easily as well.
  3. Safer work zone: Everyone will feel safer in work zones such as this, and as such, they will be more relaxed and more productive. Keeping up morale is also a huge difference maker.
  4. Fewer accidents: Also, you’ll notice a downward trend when it comes to how many accidents happen. There are bound to be many brighter days ahead as spring rolls on into summer, and in the glare of the sun, it can be hard to see. Luckily, one of the most significant advantages of high-vis vests is that they can reduce how many accidents happen.  

How to Choose High-Vis Vests

So now that you have some reasons to choose high-vis vests, you might be wondering how to find the best ones possible. The first step in this process is to refer to the applicable ANSI standards that relate to your industry and what you expect your employees to do every day. The ANSI guidelines should follow the regulations established by OSHA when it comes to making a work environment safer for everyone, and not just the employees.

The ANSI standards themselves have three sub-types. Class 1 is best suited for attendants or valets in parking lots; Class 2 is best for waste management workers, whether they are collecting trash or overseeing disposal in a landfill. Class 3, however, is arguably the most important. That’s because the Class 3 standards are associated with utility workers, concrete workers, and construction or roadwork crews.  

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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