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Uniform Issues: What About PPE?

Uniform Issues: What About PPE?

That’s why when you are outlining your revised and expanded uniform policy, you need to account for personal protective equipment or PPE.

In any workplace that handles hazardous materials or is involved in a potentially dangerous activity, the right uniform can make all the difference. That’s why when you are outlining your revised and expanded uniform policy, you need to account for personal protective equipment or PPE.

Common Types of PPE

Ideally, personal protective equipment would protect the user’s entire body from head to foot. Think for a moment about the type of gear that soldiers, firefighters, rescue workers, and law enforcement must carry while in the line of duty: helmets, gloves, boots, sleeves, and masks are some of the most frequently used types of PPE. Other typical examples include shirts that resist fire damage, and protection for hearing, breathing, and respiratory systems.

When The Employer is Responsible

The rules may be different in other countries, but at least in the US, employers bear some responsibility for the safety of their workers. All available equipment needs to be deployed for this purpose. Depending on the necessary amount of PPE, the employer must provide these items to their workers and not dock the costs from their pay or ask the employees to pay for them out of pocket. Safe footwear, safety goggles, weather gear, and appropriate boots are some examples of the PPE that employers must furnish. Employees must also arrange all the training that workers will need to ensure that personal protective equipment is used as intended.

When The Employee is Responsible

When it comes to PPE, there are two trains of thought regarding responsibility. Employees also bear some of the weight of procuring what they need and learning how to use the equipment properly. All employees need to know when they need to use the PPE depending on the work situation they enter. Drilling through concrete challenges construction workers in ways that research scientists wouldn’t while in a laboratory. Certification and further training may become necessary, even after the initial training period. Workers must recognize their limits because pushing themselves too hard can present a hazard to both themselves and coworkers and colleagues. Plus, employees will be working with the equipment every day, so they’ll need to inform managers and supervisors whenever something stops working.

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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