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Choosing Coveralls for Your Industrial Workers

Choosing Coveralls for Your Industrial Workers

If you’re choosing coveralls for your workers, here are some things to consider.

There are many different benefits to having a standard uniform for your employees, including increasing productivity and marketing your brand. Depending on your industry, however, that uniform may need to be more than just a logo-emblazoned work shirt and slacks. Many industries require coveralls to protect workers from hazardous materials, or simply to help keep their clothes clean when they’re surrounded by dirt and grease, water, or paint all day. If you’re choosing coveralls for your workers, here are some things to consider.

Complete Protection

Coveralls cover almost the entire body. They are designed to be a loose garment that can be easily put on over clothes and easily and quickly taken off when needed. They always cover arms, legs, and torso, and they occasionally include a hood so that even the head is covered. For full body coverage, workers will only have to wear gloves, boots, and additional headgear like a helmet or face shield, along with the coveralls.

Industry-Specific Options

Coveralls come with a variety of options to match the needs of various industries. For instance, the material of the coveralls can be waterproofed, which is great for anyone working in wet or damp environments, such as fishermen. The material can also be fire resistant, to protect any employees that have to deal with fire as part of their job. Coveralls can be made with reinforced knees, so they hold up to the constant kneeling and bending that is required in some industries, like mechanics and painters. They can also be made in a variety of colors, which could be used to designate rank or positions. Or could be used for security purposes. They even include high-visibility options for anyone who works around moving vehicles or in dimly lit areas. Coveralls can also be made of disposable materials for industries where they get contaminated (like asbestos removal) and cannot be reused.

Useful and Sturdy

Coveralls usually come with plenty of pockets and straps so that your employees can easily carry whatever equipment or tech they need. They stand up to a lot of use, but they’re not indestructible. Make sure that all of your employees are wearing the correct size and that they wear the coveralls correctly. They should always check the coveralls for signs of wear and damage before wearing them and after removing them. Coveralls should always be stored in a clean and dry location, separate from dirty items.

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