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Why You Should Consider a Uniform Rental Program

Why You Should Consider a Uniform Rental Program

There’s a third, less well-known option: uniform rental.

If your business is implementing a new uniform policy, you already know all of the value a standard uniform will add to your business. Right now, you’re probably trying to decide the best way to supply those uniforms. You could force your employees to buy their own, but that’s not particularly fair, and you may lose some of them to an employer who doesn’t demand they spend money to work there. You could also go online and find the cheapest supplier you can and order enough for your whole staff. There’s a third, less well-known option: uniform rental.

Low Upfront Cost

The upfront costs of a rental uniform service are usually relatively low, definitely lower than the cost of supplying purchased uniforms to all of your employees. The rental service charge is usually pretty low as well, and there are lots of uniform styles and colors to pick from, making this a truly cost-effective option.

Uniform Standards

The uniform you choose should be an extension of your brand, since people who see it will use it to form their view of your company. A uniform rental service will always make sure that your uniforms are, well, uniform. You won’t have to worry about the employee who stains everything, or the one who doesn’t own an iron, or the other who conserves water by only washing clothes once a month. Clean and pressed uniforms will be delivered directly to your business. And if or when the item gets damaged or worn out, it will be replaced, so you don’t have to worry about employees wearing unsafe or ratty uniforms either.

Easy Management

As your staffing needs change, so can your rental. If you bring on extra staff seasonal, you can add additional uniforms then and later take your order back down when the season ends, and they leave. Some rental services even provide a tracking system with each uniform “belonging” to a specific employee. This way, if a uniform fails to go back to the service, you know who to talk to: allowing a rental service to handle all of these little details will give you more time to work on the big picture of your business.

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

To give your business a clean, professional, and cohesive look, rely on Ace Uniform. Whether you need uniforms in the food, automotive, industrial, construction, medical, security, or you-name-it industry, we can provide you with the uniforms you need for the price you want. Give us a call at 1-800-366-1616 or visit us online to learn how we can help meet your needs. Want to get to know us even better? Visit us on social media on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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