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The Importance of Colors in Hospitality Uniforms

The Importance of Colors in Hospitality Uniforms

The colors you choose for your uniforms and decorating can have significantly more influence than you might think.

Did you know that the colors you select for your interior and uniforms can have a significant impact on how your customers react and receive your services? Color has an incredible ability to affect our unconscious mind and cause us to make decisions. With that in mind, the colors you choose for your uniforms and decorating can have significantly more influence than you might think. Before you make any uniform decisions, make sure to check out how the colors work.


Often associated with energy and power, it’s no wonder that red has a stimulating effect. Shades of red can cause the heart rate to increase and stimulate the appetite. These attributes make it a great choice for restaurants, fitness centers, and fast-paced environments.  


Like red, orange can stimulate appetite, but it also is well suited for grabbing the attention of a passerby. It’s a perfect color for restaurants and for attracting more walk-ins.  


Thanks to its association with warmth and optimism yellow is a very welcoming color, but be warned; certain shades can also be tough for the human eye to process. That said, yellow works as a lesser appetite stimulant and it is excellent for increasing the metabolism, these attributes make it great for environments like hotel dining and some restaurants.


If you’re looking to go green, using the hue is a great way to clue visitors into your changes. Additionally, green is a very calming color; it has a calming effect perfect for healthcare facilities and any retail locations that focus on wellness.


If you need a color to help create a calm, serene environment blue is the way to go. The color blue is shown to help lower blood pressure and heart rate; it also helps increase productivity. These traits make it perfect for spas, offices, and some healthcare facilities.


With its history as a color reserved for royalty, purple is a powerful color that has a luxurious, high-end attitude. It is excellent for use in areas that provide a high-end experience, such as hotels, salons, and spas.

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