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The Importance of Work Shirts for Employee Uniforms

The Importance of Work Shirts for Employee Uniforms

The basic embroidered work shirt is a staple of employee uniforms.

The basic embroidered work shirt is a staple of the employee uniform. It has remained relatively unchanged for decades. Sure the materials have improved a little bit, and the fit and cut of the shirt have shifted slightly towards the style of retail shirts, but overall it is the same basic shirt. Why is that? Why has this shirt lasted so long as a uniform staple? It’s because they work so well for employee uniforms. And thankfully they also come in a variety of styles that will fit your needs.


Two Pockets

This is the classic style of a work shirt, what most people envision when they look for one. Work shirts are often used for working-class professions, and these employees need the pockets for storing items like pens or tools. If your employees need and would use a pocket for storing stuff as they work, two pockets are better than one. This shirt also comes in a “dress uniform” style where the pockets are covered by flaps. While this dresses up the uniform a little, it also makes the pockets slightly harder to use, so consider your employees’ needs before making this decision.


No Pockets

Sometimes pockets and the things we store in them can be a liability. For instance, if your employee leaves something in their pocket and it falls out when they lean over the product that could be a non-issue or a major issue depending on the product. This is why many food processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing employees have no pockets on their work shirts. Often the buttons are replaced with snaps on these shirts for the same reason.

Covered Plackets

The covered placket style work shirt has a covering flap that sits over the buttons which run up the front of the shirt. This is intended to protect the product from the worker. You will often find these shirts on workers in automobile manufacturing because they don’t want the buttons to accidentally scratch the car’s finish if the worker leans against it. Covered placket style work shirts for employee uniforms can come with pockets or without.

The Details

Most work shirts are a cotton-poly blend shirt which means they are easy to wash and care for, but don’t fade easily and experience minimal shrinking. They can be made from other fabrics also to be more fashionable or for employee safety, and they come in both long and short-sleeve options. They are great for embroidery, but many people like to put patches on them to achieve that old school mechanic look.

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