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What You Should Know About Flame Resistant Uniforms

What You Should Know About Flame Resistant Uniforms

Flame resistant uniforms help keep workers safe!

Worker uniforms play an essential role in keeping professionals safe in all types of industries. For workers that encounter fire hazards and flammable materials, they need uniforms that are flame resistant to keep them protected. The appropriate combination of proper safety procedures and the flame resistant uniforms are what professionals need to stay safe at work. Read on to learn more about flame resistant uniforms.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration outlines guidelines and regulations that workers and employers must follow to ensure that professionals are kept safe when they encounter fire hazards and flammable materials. For example, electrical workers frequently have to encounter wiring, high voltage equipment, and other electrical exposure. This type of electrical exposure includes sparks, shocks, and flames. A flame resistant uniform would be necessary in this setting because the worker would need to remain covered throughout their time at work. In addition, there are industry-specific guidelines that regulate the use of flame resistant uniforms. Clothing that has been contaminated with oil, grease, and other liquids must be thoroughly cleaned before they can be used again.

Proper Wear

For flame resistant uniforms to be completely functional, they must be worn properly. First, be sure that your outer-most layer of clothing is flame resistant. Professionals who work outside may be tempted to put on an additional layer in cold weather or even take a layer off when it’s warm. These non-resistant layers will put you in danger of exposure to flammable materials. In addition, your inner layer should also be resistant as performance materials and polyester can intensify a fire hazard and damage the skin. You also shouldn’t roll up your sleeves as you will leave your arms exposed. There is lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that is also flame resistant to keep you safe and comfortable, especially in the heat. Workers might think it’s harmless to unzip or unbutton their shirts, but that is also a way to increase your exposure to hazardous conditions. Furthermore, clothing that is too loose can come in contact with flammable materials, creating a more dangerous situation. The same goes for not tucking in your shirttail. local and long distance movers

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