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5 Tips for Medical Professionals Purchasing Scrubs

5 Tips for Purchasing Scrubs

Many hospitals and healthcare companies are quite selective about employee uniforms and may want you to stick to a specific scheme or even one color.

In the medical and healthcare field, the employee uniform is often a pair of scrubs. Employees are usually responsible for supplying their scrubs for work and therefore, should remember some key pointers before spending their money. Here are five tips for purchasing stylish and functional scrubs.

Consider the Colors

It might be tempting to purchase scrubs in your favorite color or that feature fun prints and designs. Before you make your purchase, you should check with your employer to find out if they have any color requirements for your position. Many hospitals and healthcare companies are quite selective about employee uniforms and may want you to stick to a specific scheme or even one color.

Pockets Come in Handy

Choosing scrubs that have pockets in the tops and bottoms can be quite convenient during your shifts. You can keep essential items like alcohol pads, pens, and other small items on your person at all times, eliminating the need to ask others for their assistance or running back and forth to grab supplies.

Choose High Quality

The quality of your choice of scrubs matters as you’ll be wearing these clothes on a daily basis. It’s true that you’ll likely have several pairs to rotate through during the week, but the scrubs need to be able to withstand lots of washing. Although they are scrubs, they are part of your professional attire, and you want to wear a uniform that reflects your professionalism and Knowledge at work.

Choose Comfort

Many nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers have long shifts in which they’ll be wearing the scrubs for long periods of time. Therefore, purchase scrubs made with high-quality and soft materials. There are 100 percent cotton options, scrubs made with moisture-wicking materials, and others made with good stretch that will help you stay comfortable as you move around during your shift.


It’s a great tip to wear a t-shirt or tank top underneath your scrubs and even shorts under your scrub pants. In hospitals and other healthcare settings, it’s often inevitable for various kinds of spills to happen. The extra layer under your scrubs to protect your skin and make it easier and quicker to change into your next pair in the middle of your shift.  

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