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Commercial Restroom Cleaning 101

Commercial Restroom Cleaning 101

Keeping your commercial restroom clean is extremely important to the success and overall health of your business.

Keeping your commercial restroom clean is extremely important to the success and overall health of your business. When you keep a clean and sanitary commercial restroom, you communicate to your staff and your customers that their good health is important to you. Plus, by fostering a clean and healthy environment, you will encourage and motivate staff to keep other areas of your business, such as a kitchen or break room area, clean as well. So what should you be doing to keep your commercial restroom clean? How do you know that your restroom cleaning routine is properly sanitizing your restroom? We’ve got some helpful tips for evaluating your current commercial restroom cleaning routine.

Focus On “Hot Spots” for Germs and Bacteria

There are certain spots in your commercial restroom that should get the most regular, meticulous cleaning. These include points of frequent contact that are most likely to spread disease-causing germs and bacteria. Think about the areas that are used and touched the most in your commercial restroom and then make sure they get particular focus during your regular cleaning routine. This includes the toilet, sink faucets, soap and paper towel dispensers, and any other area that sees the most traffic in your restroom.

Clean Those Hard-to-Reach Spots

Some harder-to-reach areas may be harder to notice, but they should be cleaned regularly to ensure that your bathroom is as clean and sanitary as possible. This means cleaning grime or buildup behind toilets and sink fixtures, as well as dusting air vents and light fixtures. While these areas may not require the same amount of attention as toilets and urinals during frequent cleanings, it’s important to remember the details when cleaning and disinfecting your commercial restroom to ensure these spaces are well-maintained. Be sure to clean your restroom top-to-bottom fairly regularly.

Remember to Disinfect

After thoroughly cleaning your commercial restroom, you must disinfect toilets, sinks, urinals, and dispensers to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. By minimizing potentially harmful germs through disinfecting your restroom, you can help combat the spread of disease through the workplace. Using industry standard products can also help eliminate stubborn odors in your commercial restroom.

Deep Clean

While you should have a daily cleaning routine in any commercial restroom, it’s also important to do a less frequent deep cleaning. This is where you’ll get to clean out all the hard-to-reach spots mentioned earlier, as well as use some stronger products to make sure all the corners, grout or baseboards are all as clean as possible.

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