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How to Choose the Right High Visibility Clothing

How to Choose the Right High Visibility Clothing

Construction workers, tractor-trailer drivers, equipment operators, and highway workers all wear hi-vis employee uniforms.

High visibility clothing is a huge part of employee uniforms because it helps keep people safe on the job. Many different industries require workers to do their jobs in low-light conditions and at night. Read on for factors that should be considered when choosing the right high visibility clothing for your employees.

Consider the Job

The first consideration for choosing the right high visibility employee uniform is to assess the conditions and location of the worksite. Is this an outdoor job? Will there be traffic? Will the workers be required to operate heavy machinery? The answers to these questions as well as others will help determine the type of clothing that will be needed to ensure worker safety.

Know the Law

Various industries have strict regulations in place to ensure worker safety. Adhering to these laws will provide the insight necessary for providing the right high visibility clothing. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration features guidelines for work zone hazards and worker visibility that outline what type of clothing and other personal protection equipment will be necessary to keep workers safe.

Consider the Conditions

What are the duties and tasks that the workers will be doing? The high visibility clothing should enable them to complete these tasks. This is especially true for employees who work outside as the weather will be changing constantly throughout the year. In the winter they’ll need thermal protection as well as visibility while in the summer they’ll need to stay cool and flexible.

Listen to the Workers

As they are the ones actively doing the work, it will be beneficial to consider the opinions of the employees themselves. There’s no greater insight than from the people who are in those positions. Allow them to try on the clothing to see how they fit and test them out in conditions like those that they work in. This will help them see if the clothing will enable them to do their jobs or inhibit them from performing their duties. This test will likely increase productivity and give the workers a greater sense of involvement in their careers. The Best Private Server Clash Royale (COL Royale) download

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