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Should You Switch to Microfiber Towels?

Ace Uniform Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels provide a better clean with a lower environmental impact.

For a while, microfiber was the only thing people talked about when it came to towels (if they were the sort of people to discuss towels). Part of this is that their popularity has coincided with a rise in wariness about the potentially harmful effects of cleaning agents, as well as a general interest in having a less harmful environmental impact. People are looking for a safe, affordable, environmentally friendly, and efficient way to clean, and microfiber seems to fit that bill. Is it? Should you switch to microfiber towels? Let’s find out.

What Even Is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a fabric made from polyester and nylon, woven together into a sheet that has a surface texture similar to a net. The nylon has a static-electric charge which actually attracts dust and dirt particles so that it picks them up easier than a regular towel. The way that the fibers are woven together also makes it highly absorbent, allowing it to sop up a lot of liquid at a time. Microfiber towels can typically absorb up to 8 times their weight in liquid. Finally, the microfibers themselves are very, very small – about 1/16th of the thickness of an average human hair. So as the towel rubs against the surface, those tiny fibers can work their way down into tiny cracks and crevices.

Why Is It Beneficial?

Microfiber is an excellent cleaning tool. They can absorb more than a standard towel, clean small crevices than a standard towel, and trap dust and dirt. They have been shown to be nearly 99% effective at removing bacteria, even without the use of harsh cleaners. If you can stop having to use harsh cleaners, you’re on your way to improving your environmental impact. They also don’t leave any lint behind, making them the best choice for sensitive equipment.

How Do You Use Them?

Microfiber towels can be used either wet or dry. They’re good for absorbing messes, removing dust, and scrubbing surfaces. When it is time to clean them, you can launder them – way better than buying and throwing away paper towels over and over again. Just use laundry detergent, but don’t use bleach or fabric softener. Also, don’t expose them to too much heat – they should be washed in water that is below 200 degrees and dried at less than 140 degrees (excessive heat can damage the nylon fibers).

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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