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Business Cleaning Tips: The Power of Microfiber Towels!

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The best thing about microfiber is that it isn’t just limited to towels– try a dust mop as well!

Although finding someone who enjoys cleaning is rare to come by, having a clean business is essential not just for the image but for everyone inside of its safety as well. But cleaning can be such a drag, especially when the cleaning supplies just aren’t good enough. Luckily, a semi-recent invention has changed the world of corporate cleaning forever– the microfiber towel! Microfiber towels are a must-have addition to any office’s cleaning supply package because they are just so effective! Want to learn more about microfiber towels! Look no further than this blog!

Capturing Microbes

Germs and allergens tend to consolidate in tiny cracks and edges that usually get passed over while cleaning or sanitizing. The reason why microfiber towels are so effective has to do with what they are made of. Microfiber towels are made of tiny pieces of nylon and polyester, two fabrics that are known to work like magnets on dust and small particles.  The fibers that makeup microfibers are hundreds of times thinner than a single human hair, which means that they can effectively pick up dust and grime with ease. The thinner the fibers, the more thoroughly hard it is to reach places like cracks and splints. 

Saving Money with Microfiber Towels

Another great quality of microfiber towels is that they are a great investment.  As opposed to their more traditional rival, cloth towels, these awesome towels can get a lot more usage out of a single towel than a regular cloth towel. This is because these towels are naturally sturdier than cloth towels and are also more effective cleaners. Constantly replacing towels only providing your cleaning services with fragile towels that don’t work efficiently will eventually cost you money, so it’s better to start with microfiber towels. 

Microfiber Towels are Timesavers

As mentioned before, microfiber towels are so much more efficient than cloth towels. In one single sweep, you can clean so much more area so much more efficiently than ever before when using these towels. Another great feature? Many times, these towels can be used without water for just as good of an effect! They are great for dusting purposes as well. When using a cloth towel as a dust rag, they get dirty so fast and will need to be washed or rinsed off. You won’t have this problem for nearly as long when using microfiber towels since they can see fir in so much more dirt and grime than the average towel! 

Towel Services from Ace Uniform

To give your business a clean, professional, and cohesive look, rely on Ace Uniform. Whether you need uniforms in the food, automotive, industrial, construction, medical, security, or you-name-it industry, we can provide you with the uniforms you need for the price you want. We can also supply your business with high-quality mats and towels. On top of that, Ace offers facility services that can help keep your business place clean and safe. Give us a call at 1-800-366-1616 or visit us online to learn how we can help meet your needs. Want to get to know us even better? Visit us on social media on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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