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How to Safely Sanitize Scrub Uniforms

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Medical professionals come in contact with lots of hazardous materials, so keeping your scrubs clean is essential.

Every medical professional knows the importance of scrub uniforms. They are not the most attractive type of uniform, but they are crucial in keeping you safe while saving lives and attending to sick patient’s needs. Often, scrub uniforms are subjected to plenty of biohazards like bodily fluids or exposure to airborne viruses or bacteria, so keeping them sterile and sanitized is a requirement when leaving the hospital and before coming in for another shift. Scrub uniforms do need to be cared for differently from other uniforms, so here’s how to keep them as clean and safe as they can possibly be.

Only Wear Scrub Uniforms to Work

If you can, try changing in and out of your scrub uniforms in a dressing room or bathroom located at the facility or office you work at, and change out of the scrubs before you leave. Afterward, you should put the dirty scrubs into a plastic bag to avoid any potential exposure to yourself or others. When you have arrived at your residence, immediately throw the scrubs into the laundry.

Wash Separately

Scrub uniforms should always be washed separately from other regular clothes since they often have come in contact with much more significant toxins than typical dirt, sweat, or grime. Another reason to wash your scrubs separately? Most scrub uniforms need to be washed at a higher heat for a longer cycle. This can damage regular, more delicate clothing, but sturdy scrubs will not be affected too much. 

How to Wash Scrub Uniforms

Grab a bunch of scrubs and make them into one single load. Turn all the scrubs inside out when washing because this helps them to last longer without piling or ripping. First, run the scrub uniforms through a short cold cycle with normal detergent. This will help in getting rid of any dried body fluids or debris left on the surface of the scrubs. Turn the washing machine up to the highest heat setting, around 140 degrees Fahrenheit,  and also set the cycle time a bit longer than average. This allows for much more hot water to neutralize any stubborn germs or bodily fluids that have stuck onto the scrubs. Use clothing-safe bleach instead of laundry detergent for this load. 

Drying Uniforms

After the scrub uniforms have finished washing, put them in the dryer for around 30 minutes on the highest heat setting. This last step is to hopefully remove any particularly obstinate germs. If you still feel uncomfortable, feel free to give your scrub uniforms an iron to add even more heat. Voila! Your scrub uniforms are as good as new. 

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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