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What Uniform Should an Auto Mechanic Wear?

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An auto mechanic uniform must be built to withstand high heat.

If you own a car, the chances are you’ve visited an auto repair shop at least once in your life. These essential businesses are crucial in keeping the vehicles we use every day in safe conditions for driving. But being an auto mechanic can be a messy job, so when it comes to their uniform, it should be one suitable for lots of wear and tear. In addition, many auto mechanics come in contact with highly flammable or dangerous materials used in vehicle repair. Keep your auto mechanic employees safe and prepared for work with these work uniform styles. 


Coveralls are the stereotypical look of any auto mechanic, but for a good reason. Coveralls are called coveralls for a valid reason that they do indeed cover-all. Essentially, a coverall is a jumpsuit-like uniform that provides protection of the arms, legs, and torso. Coveralls are usually put on by stepping into the pant legs, putting on the top half like a jacket, and enclosing the suit with a zipper, button, or strong Velcro enclosure. A coverall uniform is usually made with flame-resistant materials and is relatively loose-fitting, so the employee can move easily without much restriction. 

Undershirts and Workshirt Uniform

Underneath the coverall is the second part of the uniform, an undershirt. The undershirt is essentially there as a second layer of protection from dirt, grime, and chemical exposure. This part of the uniform is also useful for wicking sweat away from the auto mechanic’s body while working, as working with car engines can often generate a lot of heat in a small period of time. Aside from undershirts, there is also the work shirt uniform. The work shirt is a good median for an auto-mechanic to wear when working more “representative” duties such as working the front desk or performing sales. These shirts can be easily customized to fit the company’s color scheme or add their logo design. 


All auto-mechanics come into contact with slippery, potentially toxic oils and lubricants on a daily basis. In addition, the auto parts they handle are often very hot to the touch. Therefore, they must be wearing gloves for the majority of their job, and their uniform should reflect that. Uniform standard gloves must be relatively thin and have some form of thermal protection. Ideally, they will also be flame resistant. 

Work Shoes or Boots

Lastly, an auto mechanic will likely encounter sharp pieces of debris or slippery substances on the floor, so their uniform should include thick, slip-resistant work boots that cover the entire foot and ankle area. 

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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