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Corporate Appeal Begins With These Work Uniform Trends

Here are some trends in uniform design that can help to increase your company's corporate appeal.

Eye catching colors are just one of the new modern uniform trends for better corporate appeal.

Who said a work uniform had to be boring with no corporate appeal? Long gone are the days of plain old slacks and polos as the only appropriate uniform. With our ever increasingly diverse world comes a new wave of uniform standards that can be easily changed. In fact, uniforms can be one of the best ways to show off your company culture. They prove that your brand is confident and unafraid to be out there. Uniforms can be used to show off the high-quality personnel that represents your brand. Here are some trends in uniform design that can help to increase your company’s corporate appeal.

Eye Catching and Unique

A trend for most corporate brands nowadays is to have an expertly curated color scheme to catch people’s attention to make the brand memorable. There is no better advertisement than authentic human interaction, so why not add a bit of that branding into the service uniform? If done right, then the brand will become instantly recognizable within the population as soon as they see a representative. This can be done no matter the corporate tone or message of the brand. A statement piece such as a bright colored or unique styling of a work shirt or apron can instantly achieve this effect. 

Up To Date With Current Fashions

Fashion trends are changing at previously unseen speeds with the rise of the internet, social media, and influencers. Many companies have had to adapt their uniforms to maintain the brand’s signature quality but be flexible to change with the fast-paced times. Some companies prepare different uniforms to go along with the changing seasons or sales quarters through the year just to keep things fresh and new looking. It’s also a good idea to consider what uniform pieces are working and what aren’t, and continuing to cycle out the more dated looks. 

Relatable and Congenial for Corporate Appeal

Let’s be honest. It’s a little intimidating to the customer in this day and age to be wearing full suits to most B2C jobs. The customer likely is not wearing a full suit in return, so it may be a bit awkward to approach any employee. Most agree to meet somewhere in the middle in a “smart casual” approach. The employee still looks professional and well kept in his or her uniform, and the customer is not afraid to ask questions or seek services from them. It’s best to check up on what is currently trending in your company’s industry to determine what is the best fit for an appropriate uniform in the modern-day. 

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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