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Corporate Restroom Cleaning Supplies to Keep It Scented Fresh

Here are a few cleaning product essentials that can help preserve a pure and clean scent in your corporate restroom.

There’s a surprising amount of smelly bacterial buildup that can appear in your corporate bathroom sinks. Make sure to invest in proper cleaning products.

Corporate restrooms are often visited more than once a day by most employees. Since so many people use it, it’s essential to keep the room as hygienic and clean as possible. One way to tell if a restroom is clean or not is by the way it smells. A frequently used restroom can naturally lose its fresh scent throughout the day without proper cleaning products. Here are a few cleaning product essentials that can help preserve the pure and clean scent of your corporate restroom. 

Window Cleaner for your Corporate Restroom Mirror

Although most corporate restrooms don’t contain windows to the outside for obvious reasons, window cleaner is just as useful for wiping down mirrors. Most window cleaners have a light citrusy scent, which can help detract from worse smells emitting from the sink or trash areas. Also, window cleaners can help protect mirrors against scratches and soap scum splashes so you can look your best before returning to that work meeting. 

Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Keeping a clean toilet is key to maintaining the freshness of your bathroom. A quality toilet bowl cleaner is just as crucial as a toilet brush. It’s advisable to replace the brush every few weeks, but toilet bowl cleaner doesn’t go bad until it is all used up. Try choosing a cleaner that has odor-eliminating properties in addition to deep cleaning

Restroom Cleaning Detergents

Detergents are great for scrubbing down walls, sinks, and trashcans. These can come in various scents of whatever you prefer for your corporate restroom to smell like. Most are made to eliminate soap sum, bacteria, and other harmful microscopic creepy crawlies. Try a scented brand that has a robust odor-canceling scent. 

Make Sure to Replace That Mop!

Frequently replacing high-use restroom supplies such as mops and toilet brushes are imperative to maintaining a pleasant restroom experience. These cleaning supplies can grow bacteria and mold rather quickly. A good rule of thumb is to replace them at least once a month. Have a storage closet? Even better! Storing these items away from the main restroom area can also help keep away unwanted smells. 

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