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When to Replace Your Lab Coat

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Make sure you aren’t wearing a lab coat that will no longer keep you safe.

If you work in a laboratory, doctor’s office, or healthcare hospital, you know the importance of wearing a lab coat. It protects your clothing and skin from coming in contact with hazardous materials that can cause potential health risks. One great feature of lab coats is that not only are they bacterial resistant, but they are also easily washable. A simple wash through a home washing machine and dryer will do the trick. But there are some things that cannot be washed out. While a lab coat is made to withstand a lot of wear and tear, at some point, it is better to just replace it entirely. Here are some signs that your lab coat has reached the end of its life and should be replaced as soon as possible.


Tearing and ripping essentially defeats the whole purpose of a lab coat. When a lab coat begins to tear, this provides a hole or lesion where bacteria or biohazardous material could easily leak through, which can be very harmful if it comes in contact with human skin. In addition, it just doesn’t look very professional. Some tears and holes can be easily repaired at home with a simple sewing needle and some strong white thread, but if the rip, snag, or tear becomes too large, it might just be worth investing in a brand new uniform lab coat. 


As lab coats come in contact with hundreds of fluids over their lifetimes, they are bound to eventually become stained. The pure white color of a lab coat certainly doesn’t help with that either. And there is one hidden culprit of staining on a lab coat: your own sweat glands. Yellow staining, especially in the armpit area, is very common on lab coats simply due to the biology of sweat glands. Some smaller stains can be bleached out, but larger ones may signal that it’s time for a replacement. 

Size Changes

People are not limited to one single size throughout their whole lives. Our body weight fluctuates due to stress, dietary changes, or medical conditions, all of which can result in weight gain or loss. It’s also possible that a cotton-based lab coat may simply shrink in the dryer. If you notice a physical change in how your lab coat fits on you, such as becoming too tight or too baggy, this is a good time to think about replacing it in favor of a more well-fitting and flattering size. 

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