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3 Questions about Commercial Restroom Cleaning

3 Questions about Commercial Restroom Cleaning
On top of having crisp and clean uniforms, bright, cheerful office spaces, and a tidy kitchen, your commercial business needs to have a clean restroom.

On top of having crisp and clean uniforms, bright, cheerful office spaces, and a tidy kitchen, your commercial business needs to have a clean restroom. A filthy bathroom can disgust your customers and turn them off. Negative impressions are hard to shake off, and that’s why commercial restroom cleaning is so important.

How Often Should It Happen?

It all comes down to the type of commercial building that you oversee. Office buildings will be different than restaurants, and restaurants will be different than retail stores or entertainment spaces such as movie theaters and exercise spaces such as gyms. Getting the bathroom cleaned properly is enormously important, especially when you want to avoid making your guests, visitors, employees, and patrons sick.  

What’s the Best Schedule?

So with all of that mind, your next question could be what the best schedule for cleaning needs to look like. Well, luckily for you, the answer is quite simple. The commercial restrooms should be cleaned every single day. Usually, this can wait until the end of the day or as business hours begin to wind down. Doing it before opening can sometimes make a difference, especially if nothing happened the night before. In busier places, such as supermarkets and eateries, the bathrooms should be cleaned more than once a day.

Along with the frequency of cleaning, another concern could be raised by the quality of the cleaning. If your cleaning crew relies on outdated cleaning methods and tools, then it won’t seem like the bathrooms in your business are ever truly cleaned. This can be bad news for your bottom line. Getting rid of germs, bacteria, viruses, and the smelly odors associated with them should be the goal of all of your commercial cleaners.

What Does Disinfection Mean?

Cleaning the restroom is one thing; disinfecting it is another. Cleaning the bathroom often entails getting rid of spots that build upon the mirrors, emptying the trash, and making sure that the floors and walls are spotless. Disinfecting the bathroom involves making sure that everything anyone can touch – toilets, urinals, sink faucets, and door handles, for instance, must be cleaned even more thoroughly. Using hospital-grade cleaners is your best bet when it comes to ensuring sanitation. These cleaning solutions eliminate the vast majority of germs that they come into contact with, especially in high-touch areas that could be the point of infection for anyone who touches them.

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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