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Getting the Most Out of Your Car Dealership Uniforms

Getting the Most Out of Your Car Dealership Uniforms
One way to impress your customers enough to get them to stay is to have the highest quality uniforms you can find.

Your car dealership needs to make an impact on the community. People will be coming to you whenever they need a new vehicle. Don’t let through your fingers and go to the competition. One way to impress your customers enough to get them to stay is to have the highest quality uniforms you can find.

For Staff Positions

Whenever a customer first walks in, they will be greeted by a receptionist. Since this will go a long way towards forming a first impression, the receptionist’s uniform should be clean, neat, tidy, and presentable. The same advice goes for the uniforms worn by the members of the sales teams and the junior managers. Button-up shirts emblazoned with the company’s image help project an air of professionalism. Professionalism is vital for all employees, no matter what position they are in at your car dealerships.

For Maintenance Positions

Mechanics and other car maintenance workers also need to have clean and crisp uniforms.  Thus, the mechanics, detailers, and porters should wear uniforms that value function over form. These uniform designs should be darker and are easy to put on or take off as the situation demands. You never know when an employee could get covered in grease, oil, or windshield wiper fluid. Collars are a smart touch as well, and if you are concerned about how this department’s uniforms look, having onsite laundry is a worthwhile investment as well.

For Managerial Positions  

Finally, it’s time to think about the uniforms for the managers and upper-level employees of the company. Financial and insurance managers oversee the essentials of the company where they will have to cooperate with the sales team to give the customer as much information as possible.


The supervisors of your establishment, along with all department heads, should have uniforms that indicate their authority. They either need to be as professional or more so than the outfits that the front of the house staff is expected to wear. This means that ties and jackets are a good idea, especially if they carry the company logo. Getting clean uniforms takes considerable effort, but it is well worth it. Plus, this takes responsibility for maintaining the uniforms out of your hands, which can be a relief depending on how busy your location is.



Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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