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When is it Time to Replace Your Business Floor Mats?

Ace Uniform Replace Business Floor Mats

Keep your eyes peeled for signs that it’s time to replace your business floor mats. Worn mats are unsafe and they won’t protect your flooring from damage.

Unless your business specifically deals with winter weather or recreation, most industries notice a bit of a slowdown this time of year. That makes it the perfect time to do things like inventory, refresh supplies, and undertake huge cleaning jobs.  While you’re planning out the springtime uniform refresh or the pre-summer capital improvements that you’ve got in the works, don’t forget the minor details as well, like your floor mats. Your business floor mats are an important part of your store, contributing to the overall safety, cleanliness, aesthetic, and even branding of your business. They don’t last forever, though, so when do you know it is time to replace business floor mats? Look for these signs.

The Edges Curl

If the edges of your mat are curling, the mat is now a safety hazard and needs to go. Replace the mats that curl up before they cause someone to trip and fall. 

They’re Hard to Clean

Your mats require cleaning, often daily sweeping and weekly or monthly deep-cleaning with a vacuum or pressure washer depending on the type of mat. If you notice that they are harder to clean – it takes longer to do it, and you have to do it more often – it is likely time to replace them.

They’re Faded

If your mats are fading, it is a sign that they are wearing out. The same processes and use that cause them to fade are also generally causing them to wear out. However, if there is an obvious reason that just one section is fading (like prolonged sun exposure), fading alone might not mean that the mat has to go.

They Don’t Work Correctly

Depending on the type of mat, if they are no longer really performing their function, it is time to change them out. For instance, scraper mats are designed to protect the floor my trapping dirt, but if the dirt is accumulating under them, they’re not working. If your anti-fatigue mats are no longer comfortable, they need to be replaced. If your anti-slip mats are losing traction, they should go as well. 

They’re Really Old

Most foam or rubber mats have a useful lifespan of about a year. If your mats are reaching their first birthday of continuous use, it is time to check them out for wear and tear. It is likely that they are already pretty worn out, and if not they may start to fail soon. Keep an eye on them and replace them before they become a hazard. Molded vinyl or urethane mats generally last closer to 5 years, but once you start to get close to that time, you will notice issues and should be ready to replace them.

Floor Mat Services from Ace Uniform

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