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What’s the Best Material for Company Uniforms?

Ace Uniform Best Material for Company Uniforms

The best material for company uniforms isn’t limited to one option—consider your industry and employee comfort to help you choose the right material.

Outfitting your employees can be tough, as you need to determine the right types of clothing for comfort, performance, and durability. One of the most important considerations that you’ll make is what type of fabric to use. What is the best material for company uniforms? 


Nylon is considered the best material for company uniforms by many companies, as it is moisture-resistant and dries very quickly. This makes it ideal for use in environments where moisture is common, like restaurants and cleaning companies. Nylon can also be blended easily with other fabrics to take advantage of performance and comfort qualities. 


Polyester fabric is another choice for the best material for company uniforms, and it’s also loved by employees because it is very lightweight and easy to wear. It is sometimes used by itself, but it can also be combined with cotton and other fibers to make comfortable garments. Polyester is also typically easy to maintain, which can make it excellent for environments where things need to be laundered frequently. 

Natural Fibers Like Cotton and Wool

Natural fibers are excellent on their own or blended with other synthetic fabrics to create more high-performance options. Cotton washes very well, but it can be prone to shrinking, which is part of why it is typically mixed with other things. Wool is also another popular option for blending with other fabrics. Some employees may have wool allergies, so it is best to choose wool only when practical, like in outerwear or pieces that will be layered over top of other pieces. 

High-Performance Fabric

When it comes to things that will perform well in any type of active environment, you can’t beat high-performance fabric. This is the best material for company uniforms that need to look great even when employees are active and moving around frequently. They can also make pieces of clothing that are safer. 

Choose Branded Company Uniforms from Ace Uniform

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