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How Commercial Floor Mats Can Become a Hazard

Ace Uniform Commercial Floor Mats Hazard

Commercial floor mats are there to keep your business safe and clean, but they can become a hazard if they’re not maintained properly.

You might be shocked to discover how many business owners misuse floor mats, which can cause hazards. Commercial floor mats are essential to safeguard facilities from slips, falls, and accidents. However, when you use them correctly, floor mats can be one of a facility’s best safety assets. Here are some of the top commercial floor mat hazards. 

Overlapping Commercial Floor Mats

Raised mat edges aren’t safe, and facility managers should avoid this practice to foster walkway safety. For more floor coverage or to make surfaces more supportive, some business owners might overlap two or more commercial mats. However, this is a hazard because it increases the chance that someone might trip or an accident might happen in the facility. The solution for this is not to overlap mats. 

Placing Mats on Top of Uneven or Cracked Surfaces

Damaged flooring surfaces are already dangerous, and placing a mat on top doesn’t make these surfaces any less hazardous. When you sit a commercial floor mat on a cracked floor, the back of the mat will not sit properly on the floor. In this case, the best solution to avoid a commercial floor mat hazard is to ensure that your floor is in excellent condition. Flat floors allow mats to grip them, reducing the amount of movement and preventing slips and trips. 

Not Using Durable Mats in High-Traffic Areas

A floor mat is more durable with high-traction backings. Entryways and lobbies are high-traffic areas where you want this covering to be as sturdy as possible. High-traction backings with 90 mil rubber prevent a mat from shifting. By following this rule of thumb, you’ll reduce the chances of injury. 

Not Using the Right Application

An anti-fatigue mat’s best application is in reception areas, healthcare facilities, warehouses, and other areas to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Also, consider placing them by registers in retail or grocery stores. Another application for anti-fatigue mats is also commercial kitchens. Where people need to rest or stand on their feet all day will work. 

Sitting Mats on Dirty or Wet Floors

Commercial floor mats should grip surfaces properly. When a floor is wet, proper gripping can’t happen. The same happens when a floor is dirty. Besides, a dirty floor is an eyesore that won’t leave a positive first impression. The proper solution is to ensure that you only place mats on clean or dry surfaces. 

How to Avoid Commercial Floor Mat Hazards in a Nutshell

Here is a quick list/recap of how to avoid commercial floor mat hazards: 

  • Use longer or larger mats with more material or more weight to reduce movement
  • Invest in 90 mil rubber backs because the heavier fabric causes the mat to grip the ground and minimize movement 
  • Curved edges help reduce trips and accidents and grip the floor’s surface
  • Ensure that you apply the right size to the area you’re fitting 
  • It’s best to have your mat laundered consistently 

We hope you found these tips on avoiding commercial floor mat hazards informative. Contact us today if you’re interested in renting mats to keep your business and floors cleaner. 

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