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Reasons To Have Anti-Fatigue Mats In Commercial Kitchens

Reasons To Have Anti-Fatigue Mats In Commercial Kitchens Ace Uniform Services

The mats are exclusively constituted to minimize exhaustion due to prolonged standing on rigid surfaces.

For a long time, the focus on commercial kitchen safety has prevented accidental cuts, spills, breakages, and falls. Nevertheless, little attention has been given to the fatigue and lower back pain resulting from standing for long hours. But, as the impacts of standing for long hours continue to manifest, the need for anti-fatigue mats is unquestionable. In fact, with numerous types of anti-fatigue mats available in the market today, modern-day kitchen staff should not worry about lower back pains, limbs, knee, or feet aches.  

What Are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anti-fatigue mats are small or medium-sized floor carpets/rugs usually placed in the kitchen for the cooks and dishwashers to stand on. The mats are exclusively constituted to minimize exhaustion due to prolonged standing on rigid surfaces. Although there are other materials, most anti-fatigue mats are made of vinyl or rubber, and they are fitted with anti-slip properties. 

Essential In Commercial Kitchens

Due to misinformation, some people do not buy the idea of kitchen anti-fatigue mats. While some think that the rugs are purely for decoration, others dislike them as they easily acquire dirt. Though it is true that fatigue-reducing mats beautify your kitchen and quickly become dirty, they are purposefully meant for reducing stress, slip, and exhaustion on the lower back and legs. Indeed, kitchen mats are essential in a commercial kitchen as they add to the safety and comfort of the workers.

 Your employees do not have to be less productive due to fatigue and lower limb stress. When you place kitchen mats on strategic areas, e.g., food service area and kitchen floor, you develop a safer and more comfortable working setting for your kitchen staff. Critical locations to place an anti-fatigue mat include sink floors, cooking areas, and grilling stations.

How To Clean Anti-Fatigue Mats

As mentioned above, fatigue-reducing mats quickly become dirty by accumulating spills, dust, and debris. Fortunately, the process of cleaning and tidying kitchen mats is simple and involve the following steps:

  • Regularly sweep and remove dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Use a brush, water, and a cleaning detergent to wash both sides of the mat.
  • Unless greased, harsh chemicals and degreasers are needed. Use regular cleaning detergent and solutions.
  • When cleaning, scrub with pressure where grease and oil spilled. 
  • After adequately washing, thoroughly rinse the mat.
  • Hang it on a rack or open air to dry.
  • Always remember to clean and dry the floor before you place the mat back.

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