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7 Key Tips For Choosing Security Guard Uniforms

7 Key Tips for Choosing Security Guard Uniforms Ace Uniforms Services

When choosing your security guard uniforms, it is crucial to consider the weather conditions in which the guards will work.

Security guards are responsible for protecting people and their properties. Given the need for the guards to be easily identifiable, dressing up in proper security guard uniforms is necessary. Below are seven essential tips to consider when purchasing security guard uniforms. 


Security guards need to be highly visible always. This helps the general public identify and excuse security personnel in emergencies, enabling smooth evacuation, safety, and security. As a result, security guard uniforms need to be exceptional, attracting the attention of everybody within the guarded area, just like police uniforms do. Visibility can be achieved by:

  • Printing the word “security” or “security guard” on the chest area or hats in a color that stands out
  • Wearing an identification tag with the guard’s full name or license number visible
  • Printing the name or logo of the security firm that employs the security guard with visible colors


When choosing your security guard uniforms, it is crucial to consider the weather conditions in which the guards will work. Your team can either work in warm or cold weather conditions. Guards who work indoors can regulate temperature, and humidity but those who work outdoors cannot. Therefore, when choosing security personnel uniforms, you should consider all the seasons of the year. That is to say, you should have security jackets, pullovers, and blazers to be worn by those working in the cold. Similarly, you should purchase lightweight uniforms for warm seasons. 

Add Some Accessories

 Security guard uniforms need to be complemented with belts, hats, and pockets to facilitate security. For example, hats make outdoor guards easily noticeable; belts and pouches assist in holding or carrying security stuff such as radio callers and flashlights. 

Consider Protective Wear

Security guards operating in high-risk areas such as construction sites need protective wear. Such include protective shoes, reflectors jackets, visible helmets, and other personal protective equipment. 


Although cheap wear does not guarantee quality, choosing the most expensive uniforms may not be the right fiscal decision. Therefore, it is crucial to consider your budget and the chances of damage, replacement, or loss.  

Foster Authority & Trust

Your security guard uniforms need to foster the authority of your security team build trust within the team. Strong colors, coupled with police or military-inspired designs, work together to associate your security team with an authoritative and trustworthy image.

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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