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What Parts Of Your Business Place Need a Commercial Floor Mat?

What Parts Of Your Business Place Need a Commercial Floor Mat?

It’s a simple fact: business places are better with the right commercial floor mat.

It’s a simple fact: business places are better with the right commercial floor mat. Floor mats aren’t just for sprucing up the appearance of your business. Different types of floor mats can provide health and safety improvements for your employees and customers. It’s not enough to have the mats; You need to know what areas of your workplace can benefit most by adding a commercial floor mat. Each business that Ace Uniforms provides mat service for is different, but we have some good rules of thumb to follow. For more help deciding which of our products and services can help your business put its best foot forward, get in touch with the Ace Uniforms team!

The Entrance

Any entryway to your business place likely receives the highest amount of foot traffic. People coming in are tracking dirt, moisture, and who-knows-what into your pristine place of work! High-quality entrance mats, decorated with your custom logo or welcome message, can greet visitors while cleaning off their shoes’ bottoms. It’s a great way to make a first impression on your customers, and keep the rest of your facility’s floors clean and dry.

A scraper mat could trap more debris and moisture for employee-only or delivery entryways that might face heavy-duty grime.

Reception Area

Does your workplace have a reception area or front-desk? Your employees would widely appreciate a commercial floor mat here. Those working at the reception area often stand to service visitors and guests. Placing an anti-fatigue mat behind the counter offers much-needed relief to their legs and back. In return, your customers interact with a much happier and energetic team member.

Standing Workstations

Whether you have employees standing all day on a factory floor, managing a showroom exhibit, or traveling to trade show conventions, these places all require your workers to stand for prolonged periods. Help them make their job easier by providing them with anti-fatigue mats for wherever they’re needed.

Kitchens and Restrooms

If your workplace has a kitchen (restaurants, bars, office break room kitchenette), a commercial floor mat could be essential here. Places where you handle food and drink are bound to get it onto the floor eventually, so moisture-wicking anti-slip mats would be immensely practical. Restrooms are also known to have wet floors, if not from handwashing, then from frequent cleaning. Don’t risk an accidental slip-and-fall incident by laying down safety floor mats.

Mat Services from Ace Uniform

To give your business a clean, professional, and cohesive look, rely on Ace Uniform. Whether you need uniforms in the food, automotive, industrial, construction, medical, security, or you-name-it industry, we can provide you with the uniforms you need for the price you want. We can also supply your business with high-quality mats and towels. On top of that, Ace offers facility services that can help keep your business place clean and safe. Give us a call at 1-800-366-1616 or visit us online to learn how we can help meet your needs. Want to get to know us even better? Visit us on social media on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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