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Using Polyester Blends in Your Uniforms

Using Polyester Blends in Your Uniforms

Looking to do something different with your uniforms this year?

Looking to do something different with your uniforms this year? Consider using polyester in them. There are advantages to using blends or a total composition of polyester in your uniforms instead of only using cotton. Let’s take a peek at what these advantages could be.

More Versatility

Choosing a blend of polyester and cotton for your employee uniforms makes the uniform in question much more versatile. This means there are many different uses for it, beyond just looking good and making an impression on your customers. By using the blend, you can take advantage of all the benefits of both polyester and cotton.  

Colors Stick Around

Another reason to use polyester or polyester blends in your company uniforms is that this material preserves colors better. When you use cotton for your uniforms, you can choose the most beautiful, eye-catching colors ever. But that won’t help if the colors fade after multiple wash cycles. That’s why if the uniforms are prone to getting dirty and will need to be washed multiple times, then you will want to choose this mixed material over using one or the other.

It Lasts Longer

Another reason why you should choose a blend of cotton and polyester is that it is incredibly durable. If you’re worried about your uniform shirts becoming shapeless or falling apart after rough treatment, then you won’t have to be concerned about that type of damage with these materials in your uniform. These shirts are also more resistant to pilling when fabric forms into little bubbles on the surface of the shirt or uniform top. This makes the clothing look older and more worn out than it is.

It Won’t Wrinkle

Wrinkled clothes are never a good look. When they get rumpled and tousled, shirts and pants can make your employees look unprofessional instead of reflecting how tidy they are and how helpful they can be for any customers who might have questions for them.

It Won’t Shrink

Lastly, when you rely on cotton for your uniforms, you might find that they will shrink. Using the washer and dryer might damage the material – you’ll never know until you pull it back out of the laundry! Luckily, using a cotton and polyester blend ensures that your uniforms won’t shrink as easily.  

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