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Uniform Trends of 2018

Uniform Trends of 2018

Stay current with your employee uniforms!

Just like every other segment of the fashion industry, there are trends associated with uniforms too. You may not have noticed when walking into your favorite coffee shop or your local grocery store, but every team of employees that wears uniforms always look fresh and contemporary. Check out these current uniform trends for 2018.


Aside from identification and marketing, the number one purpose for employee uniforms is that they make workers look approachable and relatable. Uniforms now appear much more relaxed and a lot less formal than in previous decades. Smart and casual are two terms that are being used to describe uniforms in hope of communicating a warm and welcoming tone.


Now employee uniforms are much more about aesthetics than they are about durability. Instead of expecting a uniform to last for more than five years, they are being made to be current and fashionable. Some companies even phase uniforms out on a seasonal basis.

Statement Pieces

Most of us think of employee uniforms as consisting of a shirt with a logo or a specific set of colors that match the brand identity of the company. In 2018, you should begin to notice statement pieces associated with various product launches, holidays, or other business-related events. You’ll see employees wearing a new hat or limited-edition version of their shirts that are associated with a special event. These also make customers more curious about what new product or service you’re offering.

Trendy Uniform Items

Check out some of the trendy uniform pieces that 2018 will bring to many companies across the country:

  • You’ll start to see a wider variety of uniforms versus the one-shirt-for-all motif of the past. Different tops that all complement each other create a more dynamic atmosphere.
  • 2018 will bring in more checks and chinos. Businesses are leaning toward a more casual style with button-up shirts that tab up and can be worn with or without a tie.
  • Known to many as a Canadian tuxedo, denim on denim, when done right, can be quite fashionable. More brands are embracing this vibe and playing with washes to create a sense of urban sophistication.

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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