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Tips for Choosing the Right Colors for Your Employee Uniforms

Tips for Choosing the Right Colors for Your Employee Uniforms

Are you happy with the colors of your employee uniforms?

Choosing the right colors for your employee uniforms is more than just a question of what colors you like the best. Your palette should tell a story about the culture of your company and how you want visitors to feel when they interact with your employees. The colors should be inviting, approachable, and work well with your logo. Check out these tips for choosing the right colors.

Type of Business

The first tip for choosing the right colors for your employee uniforms is to consider the type of work they do. If you’re working in the food service industry or another that may get messy, you might want to stay away from white, but still light enough to help keep people cool. People who work outside should be wearing colors and help them stay visible and safe.

Limit Your Options

Start by working with a small color palette. Having too many options can become confusing and frustrating without the proper direction. Consider using the colors in your company logo. They don’t have to match exactly but find a palette that compliments the colors and style of the logo. Try to limit your choices between two and three that your employees can switch between during specific days or weeks.

Check Out the Competition

Look at the color choices of other companies in your industry. Try to come up with some unique options that won’t lead to comparisons between your business and others. It may also be helpful to take notes from their choices. If they all seem to use muted or neutral tones, it might be an indication of what customers have responded well to in the past.

Have a Contest

Let your customers get involved. It can become a fun marketing campaign that will make your customers feel that you care about their opinions and that they are valued members of your business community. Give away a small price like a discount or free item to the winner. You could also narrow down your choices to about three and choose the most popular colors from a customer survey. Looking for the best spy phone solution to protect children or keep your mobile device safe? Try to browse for spy phone app reviews to choose the only spy phone tool for iOS or Android: compare feutures of Mspy, FlexiSpy, and other spy phone softwares. Mobile spying is easy – just read reviews at SpyPhoneMax and get your ideal spy app in a few clicks. Have a nice spying with SpyPhoneMax.

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