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The Importance of Breathable Work Uniforms

The Importance of Breathable Work Uniforms

Making sure that your employees have breathable work uniforms while on the job is a must.

Yes, appearances and business image matter when it comes to selecting your employees’ work uniforms. But it doesn’t mean that the garment’s performance should come in second place when deciding what to get. Warmer days are quickly approaching, which means some work settings are heating up too. Making sure that your employees have breathable work uniforms while on the job is a must. As an employer, you owe it to your workers to keep them safe and keep them comfortable. You may be surprised by the role breathable uniforms play in this workplace mission.

What Does “Breathable” Fabric Mean?

Breathable fabric means that it allows for airflow through the fabric weave. Additionally, the structure itself features tiny pores. The pores’ size lets water vapor molecules (such as those from sweat) escape, but they remain far too small to let outside moisture (such as raindrops and other precipitation) effectively pass through the fabric. All this to say that breathable work uniforms should help keep the wearer cool and dry. Cotton’s reputation for being a durable and breathable material makes it a popular textile for many types of breathable shirts and pants.

Your Employees Deserve Breathable Work Uniforms

All employees deserve breathable work uniforms because all employees deserve to be comfortable while in their work clothes. Labor-intensive jobs or work that takes place in warmer environments will cause workers to sweat in their work uniforms. Without breathable clothing, the moisture would remain soaked in their uniforms, resulting in uncomfortable dampness and unpleasant smells. 

While there are obvious reasons for those working in outdoor or industrial conditions to keep cool and dry on the job, uncomfortable temperatures can also impact indoor workers. Therefore, those who work indoors or even in cold environments should also have breathable work uniforms. As employees go about their day, they can sweat as they work. Without breathable clothing, the moisture would stay stuck to their bodies, making them feel much colder than if they had dry clothing. Cool outdoor conditions or high AC could exacerbate this. In all circumstances, workers should wear breathable layers to stay comfortable and perform their best on the job.

Breathable And Wicking Are Not The Same

While the terms are often used interchangeably, breathability and wicking are not the same properties. Wicking implies the clothing is more actively able to draw moisture away from your skin and spread out on the surface of the fabric. That way, it can be more quickly evaporated and keep the wearer feeling dryer. Moisture-wicking is important for staying not too hot and not too cold.

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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