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Why Restaurant Uniforms Matter

Why Restaurant Uniforms Matter

No matter what type of restaurant you operate, your employees are bound to be wearing uniforms. Here’s a look at why restaurant uniforms matter so much.

No matter what type of restaurant you operate, your employees are bound to be wearing uniforms. These uniforms will differ depending on what section of the house your employees are in: a bartender would wear some something much different than the head chef, and the employee in charge of the carving station or refilling the buffet lines are going to wearing something different than the hosts, hostesses, servers, and bussers. Here’s a look at why restaurant uniforms matter so much.

Indicates to Customers Who Employees Are

When customers are at a restaurant, they may have questions about the menu or the drink specials on the night. Luckily, employee uniforms for the workers in your restaurant indicate to your patrons who they should address their questions to; the staff needs to wear uniforms to avoid awkward misunderstandings where the diners think someone else is an employee who doesn’t actually work there. It can also happen in a retail store, but it is much more likely in a busy restaurant, especially when the guests haven’t been seated or served and are growing impatient.

Adds Professionalism

For restaurants, implementing a uniform policy also adds professionalism. Allowing employees to work in their street clothes gives off a vibe that it is a casual place, which may not be the right environment you want for your restaurant. However, patrons will have preconceived notions about how the food and service will be at your establishment as opposed to the restaurant two blocks over that has a Michelin star. Giving your customers a great first impression can keep them coming back, and hopefully even become a regular. However, inspiring confidence in your customers requires more than just a good-looking uniform. The servers need to be well-groomed as well. An unkempt appearance will make your customers nervous about how it will affect their orders.

Helps the Employees

Restaurant uniforms also help employees who work there. Aprons can protect the servers uniforms from spills. On a functional level, long sleeve shirts can help protect against cuts and burns. However, it also has an aesthetic benefit – it covers the arm of the server so it doesn’t distract or disgust the customer while they are eating. Shoes are also an important part of restaurant uniforms, although footwear is often overlooked. This just means that you should allow your employees to wear tennis shoes or other closed-toe shoes as appropriate; even in a restaurant with a coastal or beach theme, such as a seafood restaurant, should not encourage their employees to wear open-toe sandals.

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