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Security and Safety Are at the Forefront of Uniform Programs


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Security can be strengthened with a uniform program.

You know that uniforms make your business look more professional, reduce the amount of stress put on your employees, and increase morale among all of your workers. But, did you know that uniform programs also increase security and safety at and around your business? By outfitting your employees as part of a uniform program, you can instantly tell security personnel apart from workers if disaster were to strike. How else can a uniform program increase security and safety at your workplace?

Increase Visibility and Employee Safety

By implementing a uniform program, you increase the visibility of your employees to each other and to people interacting with them every day. Every time you drive by a construction site, the workers are wearing neon orange or neon green all over their bodies, along with reflective strips. This isn’t because neon colors are in style, it is to catch the eyes of drivers that they are directing and the people operating machinery. By outfitting your workers in uniforms that are eye-catching, you protect them from danger and increase their safety dramatically.

Flame Retardant Uniforms for High-Risk Work Environments

Many manufacturing facilities need to take extra steps to prevent their workers from any potential danger by following standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Flame retardant uniforms can be purchased to protect your employees in environments with a high risk of fire or burns.

Reduce Contamination in a Secure Work Environment

If you work in an environment that is medical or scientific, reducing the possibility of contamination is vital. Contamination could come from any physical, chemical, or biological substance that would pose a threat to the health of the public, your employees, or anyone else. Scrubs are an example of the type of uniform that can be purchased outright or rented from Ace Uniform to reduce the risk of contamination. Lab coats can be used in scientific environments to increase the safety of your employees and the security of whatever specimens you are working with. Lead generation and Conversion increase

For All of Your Uniform Needs

To give your restaurant or business a clean, professional, and cohesive look, rely on Ace Uniform. Whether you need uniforms in the food, automotive, industrial, construction, medical, security, or you-name-it industry, we can provide you with the uniforms you need for the price you want. Give us a call at 1-800-366-1616 or visit us online to learn how we can help meet your needs. Want to get to know us even better? Visit us on social media on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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