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Remember to Update Your Uniforms During a Rebrand

Ace Uniform Update Uniforms Rebrand

Remember to update your company uniforms during a rebrand in order to maintain a consistent and recognizable look.

Uniforms play a vital role in visually representing a brand and establishing brand recognition. When you encounter someone wearing a distinct uniform, you can immediately identify their affiliation, which company they represent, and their purpose. Workwear not only contributes to brand visibility/recognition but engenders a beneficial sense of connection and pride among employees who become veritable ambassadors for your brand.

Read along below for the nitty-gritty on updating company uniforms in the midst of an overall rebrand.

Approaches to Workwear Rebranding

Different organizations naturally adopt varying approaches to workwear rebranding depending on their specific circumstances. Most companies opt for periodic refreshments wherein new uniforms are gradually introduced alongside the existing ones. While this may not be ideal from a branding standpoint, it’s certainly a cost-effective way to implement changes. Some organizations choose to update their workwear by replacing logos or making minor adjustments. However, companies undergoing significant brand transformations often opt for a radical change in their work clothing to reflect a completely new visual—i.e., brand—identity. Although more complex, this approach better aligns the workwear with the broader branding changes.

Considerations for Workwear Rebranding

Certain factors warrant careful attention when implementing a workwear rebrand:

  1. Employee Involvement: Employees are directly impacted by the change and should be involved in the selection and development process. Conduct garment fittings, provide options that accommodate specific needs, and establish a working group to gather employee feedback. Effective communication about the rollout can also increase enthusiasm and acceptance.
  2. Legal Requirements: Research and adhere to specific regional laws regarding employee uniforms, especially those concerning taxes, and (most importantly) safety.

Choosing Between Off-the-Shelf and Customized Uniforms

Updating your uniforms during a rebrand means obtaining new uniforms for your employees. Work clothing can be purchased off-the-shelf or customized based on specific requirements. Either option has its share of advantages:

  • Off-the-Shelf: Buying readily available workwear is convenient, fast, and can be quite cost-effective. However, design options and sizes may be limited, often making it challenging to accommodate every employee’s needs.
  • Customized: Ordering custom-made uniforms ensures precise adherence to your company’s requirements. Though it may be a bit more expensive, bulk orders can help to reduce costs. Customized uniforms are truly ideal when visual identity takes precedence over speed in a business’s rebranding M.O.

Sourcing Workwear Production

Be informed and mindful of the location of garment manufacturers, as it can impact the production process and costs:

  • Asia: Garment production in Asia tends to be more affordable, even with transportation costs factored in. However, production and delivery timelines are invariably longer due to distance.
  • Europe: Europe-based manufacturers, particularly in Turkey, Italy, Portugal, and Eastern Europe, offer higher-cost options. The advantage lies in shorter production and delivery timelines.

Recycling and Disposal of Old Uniforms

Determining what to do with old work clothing poses a bit of a challenge. While donating to charity is a noble option, concerns about where the uniforms end up can occasionally arise. Some suppliers offer recycling services, albeit at an additional cost. Be sure to research local recycling options thoroughly to make an informed decision.

Closing Thoughts

Employee uniforms are the window to your business’s soul. No detail is too small to overlook. Success in business can often depend upon the ultimate outcome of a rebrand, and a rebrand’s success may well ultimately hinge on your approach to rolling out a new company uniform.

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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