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How to Disinfect Your Medical Scrubs

Ace Uniform Disinfect Medical Scrubs

Knowing how to disinfect your medical scrubs is important for maintaining them while staying healthy.

There is really no denying that medical scrubs require sanitary measures to keep them at their most effective and efficient. In fact, there are some key approaches to properly disinfect your scrubs. The reality is, decreasing bacteria is crucial for medical scrubs — and those around them — from the medical professional wearing them to the patient being treated by one. Ultimately, doing your due diligence in properly disinfecting your medical scrubs is essential. Here are some lovely tips and tricks to keep in mind when it comes to disinfecting your medical scrubs effectively. 

Keeping Scrubs Separate

The most important thing you can do with all your dirty medical scrubs is to keep them separate from all your other clothing — even your dirty clothes. In fact, if you typically change into regular clothes when you come home, you will definitely want to have a separate laundry basket for all your dirty medical scrubs and your regular dirty clothes. The reality is, when you wear your scrubs home, you will likely have more of a burden to keep things different and separate as well. Ultimately, there are many medical professionals who choose to undress and change in the garage or other area in the home where they can leave their dirty medical scrubs in a specific area — away from their regular clothes. 

Handling Brand New Medical Scrubs

For the most part, when you purchase new medical scrubs, it can be really beneficial to pre-treat them to ensure that they are disinfected properly. In fact, cold water and vinegar is a wonderful mixture you can use on all your medical scrubs when you first bring them home — just soak them in the mixture and it can be a great initial disinfectant from the beginning. The reality is, vinegar is a great way to kill any germs on the medical scrubs. Ultimately, doing this is a really effective way to simultaneously extend the lifespan of your scrubs as well. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that you can do what you can to properly disinfect your medical scrubs — and that typically starts from the moment your medical scrubs arrive. 

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