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Essential Clothing in High-Quality Construction Uniforms

High-Quality Construction Uniforms

High-quality construction uniforms are built out of many parts, each of which has a job to do to keep the wearer safe while on the job.

When you think of professions that require a uniform, what comes to mind? Public servants, like police and firefighters. Perhaps medical personnel. The military, of course. Most people wouldn’t think to add construction workers to the list, but the truth is that they do have uniforms, and those uniforms are highly important. Construction uniforms include pieces of clothing that are essential for safety. If the workers on your site don’t have these essential pieces as part of their daily wear, you need to rethink what your crew is wearing.


When it comes to construction site safety, head gear is an absolute must. Start with the obvious: the hard hat. Every single person on a construction site must have a hardhat, and the color of the hat usually indicates their role, including a completely separate color for visitors. Depending on the role, certain workers may also need safety goggles to protect their eyes. Still others may need a breathing apparatus to protect their lungs from whatever work they are doing.


Many construction jobs are done outdoors, so construction uniforms often have to protect workers from the elements. This may include thermal layers to keep them warm, waterproof outerwear to keep them dry, or sweat-wicking fabrics to keep them cool. Many construction uniforms also include hi-visibility elements, like stripes on pants or full vests, so that workers are more easily seen.


Construction uniforms need to include pants that are highly durable and able to stand up to tough work. In many situations, they may need to also have hi-vis elements. Additionally, kneepads are a great addition to a construction uniform to increase employee comfort and decrease the risk of injury.


The correct socks and shoes are essential for employee safety and comfort. Shoes should be sturdy work boots with toe caps to protect feet from heavy materials that could fall on them. They need to have good, strong tread, provide ankle support, and should be waterproof. During the very cold season, socks should be thermal to protect from frostbite.


No matter the location or weather, odds are that everyone on the site will need gloves at some point. Most workers will need gloves to protect their hands during the course of their duties. Depending on the work, those gloves may have special characteristics, improving grip, protecting from extreme heat or cold, or even dampening vibrations.

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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