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Dust Control Service: Does Your Business Have Dust Mops?

Dust Mops

Dust mops are an essential tool for facilities management teams to help them with their daily cleaning routines.

No matter where you are, it seems like cleaning is bound to be part of your day. When we are at home, cleaning the kitchen, tidying the living room, or simply picking up the bedroom seems to be constantly on the to-do list. At work, cleaning is a necessary part of the day, even for people not technically part of the cleaning staff. Dust is often the primary offender, getting all over computer screens, between the keys on keyboards, and – yep – on the floor. Likely your cleaning team will tackle the floor for big messes, but the everyday dust also needs to be addressed. Having a dust mop on hand for quick fixes is a great way to keep your business from looking dingy and unprofessional.

An Easy-To-Use Tool

A dust mop is easy for almost anyone to use. If you can use a broom, you can use a dust mop, and, in fact, it’s even easier. While a broom has a stationary cleaning head, the head on a dust mop can pivot so that you simply push it along, into every corner and crevice and under any furniture. Dust mops also don’t require an awkward dustpan since they trap the dust themselves.

A Microfiber Miracle

Many types of dust mops have a microfiber dust mop pad which can be easily cleaned and reused or you could use a dust mop service that provides clean dust mops to you directly. Either way, this makes it much more affordable and environmentally friendly than other dust mops with disposable pads that you might find in a grocery store.

Safely Clean Laminate

If your floors are laminate, a dust mop is a great choice to keep them clean. Dust mops are soft so they won’t scratch or otherwise cause damage to the floor surface. They don’t require harsh chemicals, which can be a major problem for laminate as well. A dust mop is also an easy way to keep the floors clean, which is important since dust, dirt, and debris can also cause scratches to laminate over time.

Alternative Spray Option

Some dust mops can also transform into a spray mop, which allows you to easily damp mop your floors, no bucket needed. Give us a call to see what our service can offer you!

Uniform Services from Ace Uniform

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