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Entrance Floor Mats Help Create a More Welcoming Space


Entrance floor mats can help reduce the amount of debris being tracked into your building and preserve your floors.

Most people feel that floor mats for commercial spaces are pretty basic. In truth, every mat is different and created for a unique purpose! Some are designed to reduce tracking of external dirt and debris while others are designed to make work environments safer. There are a variety of entrance floor mats available to help your company create a more welcoming space! Here are some reasons why you should consider a nice entrance floor mat for your business.

Simple and Functional

Entrance mats are a great, simple way to stop dirt and grime from tracking into your building. Without mats, dirt would get trapped in your building and cause scratched and damaged floors. The dirt can also settle into air ducts and blinds. In addition, floor mats help make your building safer. During bad weather conditions, floor mats help prevent tracking of rain and snow and slippery conditions that may turn your floor into a liability.

Protecting Your Flooring

Commercial building owners tend to prefer installing flooring that doubles as an attractive investment. Material such as ceramic, terrazzo, granite, hardwood, and marble are very valuable. But moisture and dirt tracked in from outside can destroy this flooring, and floor mats can protect it from the damaging particles on the soles of shoes. This will prolong the beauty of these floors.

Reducing Interior Maintenance

Looking for a way to reduce maintenance costs? Entrance floor mats will pay for themselves over time with the money you’ll save on interior cleaning costs! Studies show that more than 80% of debris and dirt are tracked into a space from the soles of shoes and having 16 feet of linear matting will reduce 75% of the debris from making it into your building.

Make the Right First Impression

Business owners know the importance of building a good first impression. Your entrance mat is a key component of the first impression you give your clients or customers. Floor mats are available in a variety of materials and can be almost endlessly customized. With this kind of customization, you can have one designed to meet the unique needs of your building and business!

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